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Forum Rules

This forum was set up for the Maximow Award qualification round but also to provide potential participants with a place where they can discuss their ideas and find help preparing their contribution.
Furthermore we would love to demonstrate here the benefits and opportunities of web-based collaboration and interaction for science. We hope this forum becomes a vibrant place for insights and exchanging ideas beyond the award.


To help us to make sure that the forum achieves what it has been set up to do, we ask that everyone who contributes to the discussions follows these rules:

This Award is based on a Russian-German bi-national collaboration, so you can contribute in Russian, German or English in the respective dedicated area of the forum. You are free to post in more than one language or to switch for example from the English to the Russian section anytime. We think this is the best way to have discussions where everyone can participate in.

Please consider the following rules when debating in the forum:

  1. Please respect copyright and intellectual property. Paraphrasing and quotes are acceptable but please state the source.
  2. This is a public place. Please observe rules of confidentiality and protection of personal data. Do not post names of patients.
  3. Please do not repeat a point excessively.
  4. Please stay on topic in the dedicated areas. If you post something that is completely unrelated to the original topic then it may be removed.
  5. Feel free to discuss and challenge others’ points of view and opinions, but do it respectfully and thoughtfully, without insults and personal attacks. Do not deliberately post any message that could be viewed as bullying by other forum members.
  6. Please avoid to post in CAPITAL letters – this is considered to be the equivalent of shouting by many people.
  7. Please do not post any messages that contain obscene, threatening, hateful or offensive language or images.
  8. Please do not post messages that contain racist, sexist or homophobic content.
  9. Promotion of products or advertising is not allowed.
  10. Discussions about the conduct of either members or moderators should not be carried out in the forum. Any such discussions will be removed from the forum.

If you violate the rules of the forum seriously and/or repeatedly you might be banned from the forum and the contest permanently.

Please also consider the following points:

  • Please respect the scientific ideas and thoughts of your fellow forum members, even if you do not agree with them. Consider how you would like to have your contributions to be discussed or even criticized.
  • Please keep in mind that your fellow members might have a very different background from yours. While surely everyone is trying to work and think together and to learn new ways, adaption and tolerance can take some time.
  • Please ask before assuming that some other member works under the same conditions as you.
  • Please remember that you can ask the other forum members and especially the moderators if you have questions or problems contributing.Everything you post here is to be considered public.
  • Please remember this before you post data or information that is sensitive or is not exclusively yours to give away. A good idea might be to ask yourself if you would share this bit of information with a colleague at a conference.
  • If someone posts something you feel violates this forum’s rules and guidelines or the Maximow Award Competition Rules, please let us know immediately by contacting a moderator or sending a mail to maximow-award@spam is badctt-journal.com.
  • If you have any comments or complaints about the forum, especially concerning the points awarded for contributions of forum members towards the qualification for the prize, please contact our moderators or write to maximow-award@spam is badctt-journal.com.

The Maximow Award’s Competition Rules can be found here.