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Maximow Award

Announcing the winners of the second phase of the Maximow Award 2011/2012

Dear Participants,

we wish to thank you for your successful and brilliant contributions to the blog discussion. We hope you enjoyed this open way of sharing knowledge. We are sure that this terminology contest has shown a new path for scientific discussion. All blog comments received a doi and a pdf is made available on this CTT platform.

We also wish to thank Yana Onikiychuk, MD, and Dr. Max Christopeit for their moderation, and Prof. Alexey Chukhlovin for starting the discussion by posting the first excellent blog comment.

It is our pleasure to announce three winners:

Alexey BersenevIlya Bozo and Kshama Gupta 

who will receive 450€ each as their Maximow Award phase II prize plus html and pdf versions of their comments made available with a doi on the CTT journal site.

The names of the winners of phase I and phase II will be widely announced at the prestigious Wilsede Meeting which is due to take place 16-20 June 2012.

Please feel free to reply to this announcement by writing a blog comment.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you again!

The Maximow Award Team
 for phase II of the Alexander A. Maximow Award 2011/2012


Blog Comment Contest: win 450€

From 10-31 May 2012, an online discussion will be held on our new blog. Take part, exchange ideas and win the Maximow Award Phase II.

Topic of discussion:

What exactly do we mean when we talk about “hematopoietic stem cells”, how sure are we about this and is this terminology for HSC adequately dealt with in different languages?

Not only can you win 450€, but also set novel impulses! Each blog comment will get its own DOI - so any new idea will become a citable reference. Your blog comment contribution will have a time stamp, linked to your name and to the exact text of your comment.

Participate here from 10th May onwards.


Phase II "From Bench to Website" reconsidered

Having seen that open peer review seems to be an unknown field for many, we have decided to prolong this phase of the competition and to dedicate it to bringing down some habitual barriers - in our own heads as well as within the scientific community. 

Check out our Maximow birthday surprise that takes the next step towards free circulation of scientific thoughts and knowledge!

22 Jan 2012
The Maximow Award Organizing Team


Great prizes for the winning Short Contributions

Ilya Ya. BozoSergey A. Sergeev & Ylia V. Khramova, and Konstantin G. Shevchenko who submitted the three prizewinning articles for this year's Maximow Award have gained the substantial opportunity to participate in the XIX. Wilsede Meeting "Modern Trends in Human Leukemia and Cancer" in Germany (16-20 June 2012). This symposium has an excellent international reputation. About 180 scientists look forward to it every two years and several Nobel Prize laureates have attended it in the past.

In its 40 year tradition, eliminating barriers to scientific knowledge has always been essential to the organizers. Even during the Cold War, Soviet scientists were invited and attended the symposium to create links with their Western colleagues.

The support of young scientists is another vital ambition of the Wilsede Meeting. Stipends are awarded on a competitive basis to young scientists from Germany and Eastern European countries including Russia who wish to participate at the symposium (click here).

We hope and expect that attending the Wilsede Meeting will be an unforgettable experience for our prizewinners and that the creation of new networks will help them in the continuation of their scientific career.

For more information, please see http://www.wilsede-meeting.com


Maximow Award Team interviewed

The innovative concept of the Alexander A. Maximow Award has not only attracted the attention of German websites (Kisswin). KTTI, the Russian partner journal of CTT, recently interviewed the Maximow Award Team about the competition and the experiences they have made. The interview will be available shortly in Russian and in English on KTTI.

We thank KTTI for the pleasent collaboration and we hope to deepen our cooperation in the future.


The Alexander A. Maximow Award 2011/2012

Scientific comment is now open on the articles highlighted in this phase of the Maximow Award contest. Anyone knowledgeable is invited to contribute public comments under their real name. These comments will appear next to the respective article (Example). The articles' authors themselves may contribute their replies if they like. These, too, will appear in the public comment thread. Authors may submit a full-length article to CTT that incorporates insights gained during this open peer review phase. 

There are two ways to participate (everyone is welcome): 

 use the contact form of CTT, indicate in the subject line which article you wish to comment on, give your real name and send it off. Your comment will be published after a quick review by our moderators.

 you may join the Maximow Award forum on this site and prepare your contribution interactively with colleagues before you send it off for publication near the article. 

Articles for open peer review within the Maximow Award contest:

Restoration of bone marrow niches is the basis of optimization of HSC engraftment
Ilya Ya. Bozo

In vitro models for stem cell transplantation
Sergey A. Sergeev, Yulia V. Khramova

Selected issues of the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy gene and cell therapy
Konstantin G. Shevchenko

Quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease after intracoronary administration of bone marrow mononuclear cells
Julia A. Nesteruk

The role of CXCR4 and Lyn-kinase in stromal/leukemia interaction 
Maria V. Zagrivnaja

Detection of minimal residual disease in patients with acute myeloid leukemia with multicolor flow cytometry 
Konstantin U. Slobodnyuk

(nota bene: all other CTT articles are open for public comments, too, authors will be notified of every new comment)

The Maximow Award Organizing Team


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