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Competition Questions

  1. How broad is differentiation “plasticity” for hematopoietic stem cells?
  2. What sources of non-hematopoietic stem cells are promising for leukemia/lymphoma treatment?
  3. What are the main expectations and pitfalls in gene therapy, experimental and clinical?
  4. What biological criteria of transplant quality should be used in clinical settings?
  5. What sources/types of stem cells are applicable for regenerative therapy?
  6. Cell therapy in non-malignant diseases (e.g., myocardial, autoimmune disorders): what biological effects are curative?
  7. What biological factors mediate immunotherapeutic effects in leukemia/lymphoma?
  8. Modifying microenvironment: an auxiliary tool in leukemia treatment?
  9. Graft-versus-host disease: are there optimal ways for its prediction/prevention?
  10. What infections are worth of detection in transplant patients?
  11. Minimal residual disease: what biological markers are preferable?
  12. Life Quality assessment in transplanted patients: a guide for optimal treatment, or individual prognosis?
  13. Open access Internet sources in stem cell biology and medicine: is their current use optimal?
  14. What are the optimal types of current regulations in cell therapy (detailed guidelines, centralized licensing bodies etc.)?