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Novikova et al. (Abstract)

Cellular Therapy and Transplantation (CTT), Vol. 3, No. 9
doi: 10.3205/ctt-2010-No9-abstract35
© The Authors. This abstract is provided under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Abstract accepted for "4th Raisa Gorbacheva Memorial Meeting on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation",
Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 18–20, 2010

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The telomere length of cord blood cells as an additional characteristic of transplant quality

Polina Yu. Novikova1,2, Olga V. Supilnikova1, Svetlana Yu. Novikova1, Alexandrina S. Khrupina1, Dmitrii A. Ivolgin1, Natalia V. Smirnova1,2, Alexander B. Smolyaninov1

1“Stem cell bank Pokrovsky” ltd., Saint-Petersburg, Russia; 2Institute of Cytology of RAS, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Correspondence: Polina Yu. Novikova, “Stem cell bank Pokrovsky” ltd., 85, Bolshoi prospect V.O., 199106, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, E-mail: polina_novik@spam is badmail.ru


Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes and represent repeated DNA sequences and protein complexes. Telomeres shorten with each cell division, which limits the proliferation potential of cells. Currently there is intensive development in the clinical application of telomere length. Additional characteristics of stem cell proliferation activity by telomere length can be an informative indicator of transplant quality.

We analyzed 15 cord blood samples using flow-FISH, ELISA, hematological analyzer, and number of CD34+CD45dim cells.

The average telomere length of CB cells’ leukocytes fraction was 20.1±4.8 % respective to 1301 control cells (T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia).

Linear correlation analysis did not find any connection between the telomere length of the CB cells’ leukocyte fraction, and CD34+CD45dim cell numbers (r=-0.49), which is in line with published data. However, the average telomere length of the CB leukocyte fraction positively correlates with monocyte concentration (r=0.65). There were comparatively long telomeres (23.6 and 23.9 %) in two samples of the CB cell’ leukocyte fraction without any contamination.

This data confirms that the flow-FISH method is suitable for the estimation of telomere length of the leukocyte fraction of CB cells. Average telomere length of the leukocyte fraction of CB cells obliquely shows CB sample quality, due to a positive correlation with monocyte concentration and contamination absence.

Keywords: telomere, flow-FISH, cord blood cells, sample quality


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